The Geoinformatics Laboratory is a research and software development lab at the Faculty of Informatics, hosting multiple geospatial and remote sensing projects, which participating students can join.

We especially look for MSc and PhD students to participate. The programming languages used for implementation in the running projects are mostly C++ and C#, so proficiency in one of them is required. It is not mandatory to have special prior knowledge in the field of geoinformatics, but completion of the GIS courses of the MSc degree programme is an advantage. The project lab is also advertised as a course, which you can enroll in Neptun by applying for the Group 4 of the Software Technology Lab, and with adequate performance you can earn 4 credits per semester. (On the master programme.)

Successful participation in the projects usually requires an average of 8-10 hours of work per week. The tasks can typically be done from home, with weekly / biweekly consultations. A diploma thesis and/or TDK thesis can also be prepared from the topics of the project laboratory. In the case of undertaking a TDK thesis (and completing it properly), it is possible to apply for and receive a monthly research scholarship from the Faculty.